Mageia is provided as ISO image files that have to be written to blank CD or DVD discs.
Toles ISOs puen llanzase dende una unidá USB.

To dump a Mageia installation ISO on a USB stick, you may try one of several tools:

  • For Linux, IsoDumper, available inside repo. Or any tools based on dd. Nun ta sofitáu Unetbootin.
  • For Windows please have a look on our wiki for your options.

"Dumping" an image onto a flash device destroys any prior file-system in the partition; access to any data not destroyed will be lost, and partition capacity will be reduced to the image size. In other words, all prior data on the device is at risk.

If you have UEFI, a procedure is available in the wiki.

Live Media and Network Installation Media have been updated to support new hardware. They are called Mageia 6.1 release to distinguish them from the original Mageia 6 release. Use these if the original Mageia 6 iso images are unable to boot on your hardware, or if you would like more up-to-date software while running in live mode. Please take a look in the documentation for the appropriate media.There's no need to reinstall if you have Mageia 6 installed and already have the latest updates installed.

Tastos d'instalación clásicos

The Classical ISO is the traditional way to install Mageia directly. Take a look at the complete documentation for this installer.

Sofítense más de 167 llingües: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Svenska, Nederlands, Polski, Dansk, Pусский ¡y milenta más! See the comprehensive list.

These ISOs contains Free Software and some proprietary drivers.Entrugarásete que triba de software quies instalar.The installer includes the capability of adding the online Mageia repositories during the installation, which means you can install even more packages than those available on the ISO.

For 32 and 64bit, size of the ISOs is about 3.7GB.


Live ISO's let you try Mageia 6.1 without installation. You can run Mageia directly from a DVD or USB device, and try it using one of the graphical user interfaces such as GNOME, Plasma or Xfce.

Si tas contentu cola esperiencia Mageia, pues instalalu nel to discu duru dende'l mediu Live.

Use LiveDVDs for fresh new installs ONLY. DO NOT use these LiveDVDs to upgrade from the prior Mageia release! Use a classical installation and see upgrade guide.

For LiveDVDs, size of the ISOs is about 1.7GB.

CD d'instalación basáu na rede cableada

Download quickly and immediately boot into install mode from wired network or a local disk.

Have a look in the wiki to get a list of possibilities.

Size of the ISOs is about 50MB.


Escritoriu GNOME

Escritoriu Plasma

Xfce Desktop

Instalador per rede

Instalador per rede, CD de software llibre

Caltien namái software llibre

Instalador per rede + CD de firmware non llibre

Contain nonfree drivers needed for some disc controllers, some network cards, etc.

Arquitectura sofitada

64 bit

Most new computers support x86-64 (also known as AMD64 and Intel64), but some laptop processors and netbook processors do not support it.

32 bit

Esta versión execútase en tolos PCs incluyendo esos que sofiten 64 bits. Por embargu, si tienes más de 3 GB de RAM deberíes preferir 64 bits.