Jų dėka, Mageia juda pirmyn.

Šie nuostabūs žmonės paaukojo pinigus Mageia.Org:

Per pastarąsias 30 dienų Mageia.Org buvo paaukota Eurų. Išsamiau.

Paskutinis atnaujinimas:

Since September 2010, Mageia would not have come to a reality without the enthusiasm, advice and involvement of hundreds of people.

It would not have either, without help and donation from many people and organizations, that provided Mageia.Org with advice, encouragements, trust, facilities, hosting, server and development hardware, mirroring facilities, network bandwidth, money and finally, care.

This page is here to remind of their contribution to this project.

Those organizations and people provided Mageia.Org with mirroring facilities, hosting, hosting advice, server hardware, network bandwidth or some facilities:

Great places and teams that welcomed us and offerred us some tea, coffee, seats and advice (mostly in Paris for now):

Thanks a lot to all the people we met, discussed with about this project and its potential implications: you know who you are!

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