Tocante a Mageia 4

Mageia 4 ye una distribución GNU/Linux pal to ordenador, llanzada pola href="../community">comunidá Mageia. Pue instalase de munches formes, coles ISOs Live o Classical en siendo los métodos más populares.

Download it right away!

Live ISO's let you try Mageia without installation. Use these instructions to put the Live ISO on a CD, DVD or USB device. Then you can run Mageia 4 directly from there, and try Mageia using one of the graphical user interfaces such as GNOME or KDE.

Si tas contentu cola esperiencia Mageia, pues instalalu nel to discu duru dende'l mediu Live.

The Classical ISO is the more traditional way to install Mageia directly. Take a look at the complete documentation for this installer.

Mageia 4 includes several desktop managers including KDE, Gnome, XFCE, Mate, and Cinnamon.

Hai milenta aplicaciones nos repositorios oficiales. Pues echa-y un güeyu a la Base de datos d'aplicaciones Mageia pa consiguir una llista completa de los paquetes dientro Mageia

¿Qué hai nuevo?

There's plenty of new goodness in Mageia 4, too much to include here - see the release notes for an extensive exposé.

To help users configure and use Mageia, and to provide some information about the community and the project, we've added the new MageiaWelcome.It starts automatically when a session opens for the first time in any of the graphical environments.

We've added two new desktop environments: Mate and Cinnamon, both available from the classic installer DVD/ISO. To make it more friendly we re-factored the custom desktop choice.

There's been a lot of work done on Mageia software. Many packages were ported from Gtk2 to Gtk3, to use more modern components. We've also ported all the tools from the deprecated usermode to polkit when privileges are needed.

TexLive used to need around 1GB of data for installation - now it's separated into 3 packages which will usually mean a much smaller footprint.

Mageia in context

Mageia ye una comunidá y una distribución Linux, con Mageia 4 siendo'l nuesu cuartu llanzamientu.

Mageia 4 ta sofitáu pola organización ensin ánimu llucru, que ta gobernada por un cuerpu de reconocíos y esbillaos contribuyentes.

Mageia 4 féxose por más de 100 persones alredor del mundiu.

Our work adds to the excellent work of the wider Linux and Free Software community. We aim to blend all the excellent work done by the community, adding the special Mageia ingredients, to bring you the best, most stable, reliable and enjoyable experience we can make for regular users, developers and businesses.

We welcome new contributors to any of the many different teams that go to make up Mageia the Community, and we encourage you to join us.