Donér til Mageia

Donér via PayPal,

via bitcoin,

If you want to donate bitcoins, the Mageia.Org bitcoin address is 1GYF2h69NrJ7Pp92bNPDEdLABbH1hR7rsA.

via bankoverførsel,

using the following Bank Identifier Code (IBAN-BIC):

eller via check (kun €).

Du kan sende dine donationer med check til denne adresse:

Brug "Mageia.Org" i "Pay to the order of..."-linjen.

Bemærk venligst at:

  • Paypal withdraws a small commission for each donation (around 2%) so we get a little bit less than you send;
  • conversion rates are charged to Mageia, so please use € as currency;
  • if you want to do an anonymous donation, please add a comment or send an email to

Hvorfor donere?

Mageia.Org is a not-for-profit association to manage the Mageia distribution. As a not-for-profit association, it can receive donations from the community to help in a lot of differents fields:

  • hardware and hosting for servers;
  • domænenavne;
  • registrations of Mageia trademark;
  • goodies for spreading Mageia;
  • administrative expenses;
  • eventually, legal counsel and
  • osv.

How to track donation?

Currently, we received a lot of generous donations (x €, remains x €) thanks to all of our donors!

We believe public accountability is crucial. You can know more about how are used the funds received by reading our financial reports.


If you have any question about donations, you can send an email to

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