This draft guide is to help build consistent style for on the Web and in the printed world. It starts from the current charter of and takes into account several other options that are available to this day.

Mageia official logo is Mageia logo.

Our logo still does not have a specific font - it would need to be forged.

No other logo must be used for official communication.

This logo must not be altered. We need a more comprehensive guide for it (use of cauldron alone, of "mageia" alone, availability of derivative logos and buttons for other uses).

Logo colours/gradients:

  • white/transparent background
  • from   #252D42 to   #485E82 (letters)
  • from   #2397D4 to   #65E7FF (bubbles)

See /g/media/logo/ for higher resolution PNG and SVG.


Current colours scheme is a cold one, consisting of basically three major: white, black, blue.

ColourHex codeUsage
#000000body text, h3
#3494d3titles: h1, h2, h3Those two should be reconciled
#2383c2links: a
orangesub-title of h1
#555555preamble text, footer text
#aaaaaatable header/footer

Web sites

  • Favicon

    Our favicon is Mageia favicon. You may reference it through:

  • Fonts

    Page body fonts rule is:

    font-family: Verdana, "Trebuchet MS", "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans", Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;

    Titles (h1, h2, etc.) fonts rule is:

    font-family: "Century Gothic", "Trebuchet MS", Arial, sans-serif;
  • Page width and layout


    • www: fixed 749px, centered
    • blog: fixed 980px, centered
    • forum: fluid 100%
    • bugs: fluid 100%
    • hugs: fixed ~700px, left-aligned


    • Preferred: fixed 980px, centered
    • Even better, using media queries:
      • desktop, large screen > 1240,1400
      • tablet
      • phone
      (tools to test:
  • Page background

    Current background is built in three layers:

  • www header

    background: linear-gradient(top, #ffffff 50%, #f0f0f0);
    border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #9db1ca;
    box-shadow: 0 1px 3px #9db1ca;

    The whole header may be redesigned along with the global nav bar: below:

  • Global navigation bar

    See documentation.

  • Reference CSS

    Our current reference CSS is based on:

    • YUI reset-fonts-grids CSS
    • YUI base CSS
    • our own: screen.css

    This can be dramatically improved, splitting into several CSSes for reuse through

What to do next?