Contribute to Mageia

Many people from all over the world gather to build Mageia – a Linux-based operating system and a lively, fun community for building Free Software projects.

Contributing is open to anyone, this is Free Software! If you are curious and willing to join, there are things you can do, depending on your time and skills; you will always find someone to welcome and help/mentor you if needed so that your contribution to the project can be as good as it can be!

Check what you could do below!

Contribution entry points

  • Do you want to join Mageia community?

    • Stop by the forums support section and check if you can answer a question.
    • Talk about the project to people around you, on your blog, your Twitter account, at your work place.
    • If you encounter a bug you can reproduce consistently, submit a bug report.
    • Make a donation!
    • Stop by a Mageia event, like a test day to find, reproduce and help resolve bugs.
    • Subscribe to a team discussion list and follow what happens there, try to see how you can bring something useful to it.
    • Learn about free software, open source collaboration in general, and Mageia in particular.
    • If you are a student, consider talking to your tutor about participating into the project as part of your studies; you don't specifically need to be studying Computer Science to do so.


  • Helping users & advocating the project

    Want to welcome and help new users or share tips with experienced ones? In IRC channels, forums, mailing-lists, local events? Just get in touch with us via one of these channels and share the fun!

  • Writing, copywriting and documenting

    You have a taste for practical, clear, concise, proofread, nice writing? You like to take the challenge of explaining clearly complex ideas or systems and teaching others? You know how to mix form & content to push the right message? Get in touch with our Documentation team!

  • Translating

    Mageia is localized in more than 180 languages! Clarifying, completing, improving translations of software, guides, tutorials, Web sites, marketing material, etc. happens thanks to the effort of so many contributors. Join them!

  • Triaging

    Bugs happen! And some get reported. So, logically they need to be triaged to make the task of the packagers/developers fixing them easier: validation (is the bug reproducible?), collecting the needed debugging info from the reporter, assigning the report properly. Our Bug Squad takes care of that and more, grow this team and play an essential part in Mageia's bug solving.

  • Testing & QA

    We can't ship software if we are not confident it works well! Testers and QA people make sure what we do (software, packages, ISO's, Web sites) match our expectations for quality before they reach users.

  • Marketing, Communication & Evangelism + Graphic & UI design

    Better understanding of who uses and contributes to the project to help them even more, making sure the Mageia voice is consistent and heard, that's a job for the Atelier team (Marketing and Communication), on both global and local scales. Software isn't only about code neither is Mageia only about technology. So make it human, practical and beautiful! If you have a talent and experience in graphic design, ergonomics join the Atelier team!

  • Coding & packaging

    Contribute to the core of the distribution with your technical skills! Adding, fixing, patching and maintaining software to be included in the distribution, from upstream projects or from Mageia-specific sources. Join the Packagers team!

  • Web, tools, systems design & administration

    Mageia depends on infrastructure and tools that enable everyone to collaborate. These need experts to build, maintain, develop, provide and manage servers, connections, security, applications, data flow, etc. It takes from system administrators to Web designers/developers/integrators to manage this huge task.

  • Mirroring

    Making all the software provided by Mageia available requires several mirrors around the world, to distribute ISO's and software packages. If you have some disk space and bandwidth to share, please see how you can provide an official Mageia mirror.

  • Donating

    Financial donations help us allocate specific tasks, secure our infrastructure, fund events, goodies & transportation. 200+ persons already expressed their trust in us with their money, hardware or other resources. We keep a public record of what we get and how we use it.

  • Designing, experimenting, revealing the unknown

    Ideas are great, actionable prototypes are even better. The Mageia project is not only about making a different Linux distribution but also about building new products and experiences with it and with the data around it.

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