Your download of Mageia 4 Boot Nonfree 64bit CD ISO should start within a few seconds (download size is about 74 MB). If the download does not start, click here.

As soon as your download is complete, you should check that the checksums match:

Checksums are available for download as files: boot-nonfree.iso.md5 (md5 hash of the contents of the iso image) and boot-nonfree.iso.sha1 (sha1 512 bit hash).

$ # You need both iso and checksum file in the same folder
$ md5sum -c boot-nonfree.iso.md5
boot-nonfree.iso: OK 

$ sha1sum -c boot-nonfree.iso.sha1
boot-nonfree.iso: OK 

$ # You can also compare checksum directly from this web page without checksum file
$ md5sum boot-nonfree.iso
5bb8c70d50d70be35aba3b8e935474ef  boot-nonfree.iso 

$ sha1sum boot-nonfree.iso
50cf2213d728dbc31a3228087d6daf829f2d5388  boot-nonfree.iso 

If checksums do not match, DO NOT use this ISO. Double-check and try to download again.

The making and the distribution of Mageia worldwide is made possible by all the people and organizations that mirror our software and that donate money, hardware, hosting and more.

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