Your download of Mageia 8 64bit should start within a few seconds (download size is about 4.2 GB). If the download does not start, click here.

This download mirror is located in the USA (City not set). If it does not work well for you, check out these other mirrors. Your IP address is and you seem to be in the USA, North America.

As soon as your download is complete, you should check that the checksums match:

Checksums are available for download as files: Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.md5 (md5 hash of the contents of the iso image), Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha512 (sha2 512 bit hash) and Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha3 (sha3 512 bit hash).

$ # You need both iso and checksum file in the same folder
$ md5sum -c Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.md5
Mageia-8-x86_64.iso: OK 

$ sha512sum -c Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha512
Mageia-8-x86_64.iso: OK 

$ sha3-512sum -c Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha3
Mageia-8-x86_64.iso: OK 

$ # You can also compare checksum directly from this web page without checksum file
$ md5sum Mageia-8-x86_64.iso
ade337db66b90e5307fc8bc6bba4a3ca  Mageia-8-x86_64.iso 

$ sha512sum Mageia-8-x86_64.iso
3f373de571d28287b76503dae1804d11cbba1241edeeadb5f77e9b4bac51301e373b8326792abc74113004688fa20d69e3610c4733a3fc110e4c11154dcbeb73  Mageia-8-x86_64.iso 

$ sha3-512sum Mageia-8-x86_64.iso
F3DADD10FCB64BCBAC55C91B9270521520D70195BDF27CEB414E0F4960863D8C3C0EC4ECDF5AFF87868FA8133BE1A58EFB58239DDC845F5A598DD0441EF685F3  Mageia-8-x86_64.iso 

If checksums do not match, DO NOT use this ISO. Double-check and try to download again.

You can also verify the signature of an ISO. They are also available for download as files: Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.md5.gpg, Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha512.gpg and Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha3.gpg. First you need to import the "Mageia Release" key from a PGP Public Key Server:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys EDCA7A90

In response there should be one of the following lines:

gpg: key EDCA7A90: public key "Mageia Release <>" imported

or if you already imported the key before:

gpg: key EDCA7A90: "Mageia Release <>" not changed

Then you need to verify the signature for the ISO.

$ gpg --verify Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha512.gpg Mageia-8-x86_64.iso.sha512

In response there should be lines like:

gpg: Good signature from "Mageia Release <>"
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: B210 76A0 CBE4 D93D 66A9  D08D 835E 41F4 EDCA 7A90

The warning about uncertified signature is expected.

The making and the distribution of Mageia worldwide is made possible by all the people and organizations that mirror our software and that donate money, hardware, hosting and more.

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