Mageia is for...

  • ...the daily work!

    Providing office suites, development environments, database tools,...

  • and entertainment!

    Providing games, audio and video players, PVRs,...

  • ...actuality and stability!

    Not sacrificing stability for the single purpose of being cutting edge, but staying actual enough, providing recent stable releases of applications...

  • ...universal usage!

    Providing a large scale of applications, mirroring the different needs of the community building the distribution

  • ...the community!

    Mageia is a distribution built by the community for the community, making it easy and comfortable for everyone to contribute to the great work!

  • ...people!

    Mageia is not only a technical project. Mageia is a living community consisting of people from all over the world. So the distribution is made for the people using it.

Mageia is focusing on...

  • Users People!

    Run Mageia inside or beside your existing Operation system, or use a LiveCD to try Mageia without changing your system.

    Easy installation - choose from a standard list of things to do, or choose individual packages. Have your fully-working system up and running really fast! Choose from a range of desktops - make your computing environment just the way you like it.

    Mageia is safe, stable and secure by default. Automatic updates and an on-by-default firewall keep it that way.

    Lots of Productive Desktop applications - Web browsing, email, Office suites, Graphics management and editing, audio and video players, CD and DVD burning, games and more - we've got your software needs covered.

    All the system administration tools at your fingertips - control your system yourself, or use our simple tools. New users can feel safe with the default settings.

    Support from the community - join our mailing lists and forums, or talk to people online using IRC.

  • Developers!

    We're following the UNIX tradition of letting people have fun with their computer by programming - Mageia 1 is fully loaded with various popular compilers and interpreters

    While our schedule didn't permit us to offer everything we planned, we tried very hard to cover most needs.

    Mageia provides the most used compilers, libraries and interpreters like:

    • gcc 4.5.2
    • glibc 2.12.1
    • gtk+ 2.24.4
    • qt 4.7.3
    • perl 5.12.3
    • python 2.7.1
    • ruby 1.8.7
    • php 5.3.6
    • java openjdk
    • java sun

    Along with those basic development tools Mageia is providing several IDEs for making the developer's life easier.

    • eclipse 3.6.2
    • netbeans 6.9
    • anjuta
    • kdevelop 4.2.2
    • padre 0.840.0

    We're ready to welcome your feedback and contributions to improve this for next release - check the contact links, and contact us with questions and suggestions.

  • Sysadmins!

  • Contributors!

    Get more information here.