Spread the word!


What will you do with it?

You tell us!

In your blog (or our own), on Twitter, on Facebook, in our forum, in any other place and format you can think of!

Where will we go from there?

You can join us and help us improve.

Mageia is still young. A lot has been achieved in the past 9 months, and that's only the beginning.

We can design and build a better operating system platform for computers and other new devices.

We can make this better for developers and users. We can be a better place to nurture open source technologies.

Relax, and brainstorm

After the heat and parties of this release have passed, we will gather and discuss future plans:

  • what about the release cycle?
  • what about core changes we can do?
  • and side projets re-using or reinforcing the technology?
  • what about the association role and teams' activities?
  • what about improving several degrees of this Web site to empower more contributors?
  • what about your ideas?

We will talk more about that later in June, so stay tuned in our blog and Twitter account!